“Deirdre was absolutely fab and great at what she does! In just one hour, she understood where I was at and helped me to work towards changing my outlook and finding some direction. I highly recommend a session with Deirdre to anyone who is feeling stuck”


“I would highly recommend Deirdre, recent events had me feeling down and made me feel like I had no direction to head in and Deirdre was able to see what skills and experience I have gained and gave me a good idea for a direction to head it. Thanks so much”


“I would 100% recommend Deirdre if you are feeling a bit lost or confused with certain aspects of your life. She is so easy to talk to and really helped me with in finding my way and not letting others or negative thoughts hold me back. Thank you Deirdre”


“I really enjoyed my session with Deirdre – she is very intuitive, non-judgemental and motivates you to understand your own thoughts and actions a bit better. I was going backwards and forwards with a decision and she helped me to play out all scenarios to see what was actually motivating me and what did I want to do vs what I thought I should do”


“Deirdre is an angel sent to guide us. I had a coaching session with her (and I’ve had A LOT of therapy/coaching/counselling) and she is wonderful. She had a way of guiding you to what you already know deep down but helps you makes those decisions for yourself so they are truly natural. Anyone would be privileged to be coached by her, she is a special lady”


“I had my life coaching session online with Deirdre, the session was an hour long but the time flew by. Deirdre worked with me to help me declutter my thoughts and confusion by giving different techniques to manage my thoughts and how to train myself to think in a more positive nature and avoid getting caught up in my racing mind. I would definitely recommend Deirdre for anyone who feels that they are a bit lost or stuck in rut at the moment, sometimes just verbalising you’re thoughts and hearing different perspectives from someone is all you need”