Deirdre Lawlor

I am so excited for you that you have gotten this far on your journey on whether or not to hire a life coach. If you are still unsure ask yourself the following:-

Am I stuck?

Is there an area in my life that I am unhappy with and would love to change?

Do I need help to make that change?

If the answer is yes then Life Coaching is for you. Clients make appointments for many reasons but an example of what I have helped clients with in the past are:-

  • Personal wellbeing and self awareness
  • Career change
  • Parenting
  • Developing Healthy Habits
  • Lifestyle change
  • Moving on from divorce
  • Imposter Syndrome

or do you just feel completely stuck, with no idea what you can do to change?  I can help!

but why me?

  • My approach is relaxed and completely non-judgemental;
  • I will spend time developing our coaching relationship so that you feel comfortable and relaxed before we start the session 
  • I will help you see that you are enough! When you start to see yourself as the truely unique and amazing individual that you are, you will realise that the only thing in your way is YOU.
  • I believe that EVERYONE is capable of achieving whatever goal they aim for and will passionately support you to get to where you want to be;
  • I am  a business owner, having started a business from scratch, so I understand the concerns of budding entrepreneurs and established business owners;
  • I am passionate about personal wellbeing and will help you ensure that all goals serve you in every area of your life; and finally
  • I am a great listener!

My background as a Creche Owner, Early Years Professional and mother to four great kids, has also given me a passion for helping parents gain confidence and become the parents they have always wanted to be. Parenting is not always easy and sometimes some support and advice from a non-judgemental, supportive coach can make all the difference to you and your children.

So please get in touch and book your free chemistry session – I look forward to meeting you!