Deirdre Lawlor

I am so excited for you that you have gotten this far on your journey on whether or not to hire a life coach. If you are still unsure ask yourself the following:-

Is there an area in my life that I am unhappy with and would love to change?
Do I need help to make that change?

If the answer is yes then Life Coaching is for you. Clients make appointments for many reasons but an example of what I have helped clients with in the past are:

  • Career change
  • Parenting style
  • Weight issues
  • Stop Smoking
  • Lifestyle change
  • Moving on from divorce
  • Imposter Syndrome

Why Deirdre Lawlor, Life Coach?

I am extremely passionate in helping people discover their magnificence by ridding themselves of limiting beliefs that have been holding them back for years. During our sessions we will explore your goals, find out what is stopping you reaching them and ultimately find a way to move forward that feels right for you. My approach is based on the idea that you can only move forward in life when you understand what your motivation for your actions are, so I love to spend time in the sessions helping you to explore your beliefs and values, ensuring that they still serve you well.

We may laugh, we may cry but we will find a way for you to move forward and reach that goal!

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