“Angels have taught me that saying yes to everything, no matter how exhausted it was making me feel, was not okay for me. I now know, guided by my Angels (I like to call them that) and Berni, to only say YES when I feel good about the situation. Breathing and meditation give me time to look after the most important person…..me….I never thought I would hear myself say that. Just knowing you are there at the blink of an eye to listen, guide and comfort me and everyone else……You’re an Angel…..That’s why we love you”


“My name is Catriona and I’d like to share a little of my life changing experience when I invoked the help of the Angels and how their healing energy really enhanced my life and relationships with other people. My healing started with myself first, I never thought I needed healing, I was the one who sorted everyone else’s problems and jumped in to help when I was needed. The one who was always there for everyone never taking myself into consideration. One Sunday evening in January 2014 I had the most powerful experience ever. I sat down and as soon as Berni put her hands on my shoulders (with my consent) it was like a dam burst, I cried like never before and I couldn’t stop, it felt like years of pent up pain, anxiety, self-destruction, stress etc. ebbed out with every tear I shed. I always believed in Angels but now I knew I’d met one. From that night on my life has changed in so many ways, I called out to my Angels every day and I thanked them every night because they never let me down, The more grateful I was, the more my life and relationships healed and changed. I learned to forgive myself, forgive others and even found healing in forgiveness. I couldn’t imagine my life without my Angels, they taught me to love myself which was a huge challenge for me, or so I thought, but with my Angels nothing is impossible…..Thank you Angels with all my heart. You’ll never know how special you are to me Berni, I love you beyond words. Thank you for giving so much of your beautiful self to all who need a little of what you have”


“Since I start working with Berni and the Angels my life has changed so much for the better. I have more clarity. I am more at peace and I feel so connected to the Universe and my Angels. Thank you Berni for your Love and guidance. I Am eternally grateful. I love you my beautiful friend”


“I enjoyed having Reiki with Bernie she’s such a lovely lady and found her very knowledgeable kind and generous with her time. I’ve also done an Angel energy-healing workshop with Berni and still use what I’ve learned today. I look forward to working with Berni again in the future and couldn’t recommend her more”


“My journey with healing with angels began in 2007 I lost my baby girl. I went for a reiki treatment my sister booked for me with an earth angel Berni. From that day my life changed I felt a connection to something to heal my soul. Every day since then I ask my angels to help with good and bad in my life. I can say my life changed dramatically if I am having a bad day I ask the angels to help me I know they are around me always I have had a few scary moments over the years and I feel them helping me! On good days I say to the angels I am so grateful for what I have and for everything they help with! My life is very different now, healing with angels helps me live a better life I’m very grateful for my angels especially my earth ones like Berni. Thank you”
“Meeting Berni and learning about the Archangels healed my broken hurt dark heart. I learned to love myself using the visual images that Berni taught me of the Angels around me. Thank you Archangel Chamuel for your beautiful pinkness. Thank you Berni for your loving kindness and incredible energy that taught me how to heal”
“My beautiful experience with Bernie is always amazing anytime. If I’m feeling anyway down or need guidance in my life I always go out to see Bernie. She is an amazing person I always feel so much better and so safe after my session it’s actually unbelievable. I’ve so much great faith in Bernie and everything she does and always feel a great connection with the angels xxx I would highly recommend this service”
“What can I say healing with the Angels. One thing I can say is that at times they have been my best friend’s. You can call on them at any time they are always there. So many times I have been down and in they would come showing me signs that they are present and when that happens you feel the uplift in the moment – their energy is amazing . Since the Angels came in to my life there is always someone walking alongside me. Thank you angels for been there for me”
“My story begins in 2015 when I went through a traumatic event in my life and after that I knew I had to change my whole life around . I felt “Lost” for want of a better word. I started trying to help myself change . Looking back I do believe I was guided by a higher presence . I put it out there that I needed to change and I needed guidance . Then one day I was guided to a collage where I was able to join in with wellbeing activities . That was my first guidance. Through the college I met a lovely lady and we became friend’s. She was the one who introduced me to the spiritual world and the power of the higher realm. She told me about asking the angels for help and guidance . It was something I felt very drawn to as if I was being called. I had never seen myself as a person who might be able to seek help from the angels but the seed had being planted in my head. One day just looking around on line I came across an Angel group in my area and decided to check it out.. So I turned up one morning and was greeted by a lovely group run by Bernie . I was made feel so welcome and I’ve never looked back. Since then things have just fallen into place in my life . I’ve been guided by the Angels to help improve my life and the lives of others around me”
“Since I start working with Berni and the Angels my life has changed so much for the better . I have more clarity . I am more at peace and I feel so connected to the universe and my Angels Thank you Berni for your love and guidance I am eternally grateful”